Fallen Façades Of Black & White Charades

“Where are, you from” smirked, Royal White Dame
“Sistah Space”, came, Black Dame’s reply
“Don’t, your Black roots, have, an ethnic name”
White persisted, to catch, her Black lie!”

“An age, has passed, since my, parents came
To that, Racist Realm, called (Not So) Great Britain
Where Blacks, still bear, that cross, of shame
I was born, here, alas, to be questioned, yet again”
Ain’t prejudice, more, profane, than pain!

It sounded like, debate, of hate
White vanity, digging out, my, Black Roots
Why, a White Diktat, became, a Black Man’s fate
Where, Black Caravans, lost, their pursuits!

Still a, Black Woman is, what a, White Woman, thinks!
Have the, Black Souls, at last, redeemed, their shades
Alas, why, White, Bigotry, stinks
Amid, Fallen Façades, Of, Black & White, Charades!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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