A Battle Beyond Vain Words

Dare you, lock our mouths, for no murmurs
Or, ban banners, barren, like your souls
Don’t you stitch, our lips, for, no seditious verse
Don’t you, dare, jail those, who live, in pigeonholes!

How come, our silence, deafens, red-regime
More than, our freedom’s, old shibboleths
Is silence, far louder, than a scream
In the, inferno-laden, defiant breaths!

Is this, the newfound, ‘Tiananmen’
What a, revolution, is this, quiet conquest
Has, all his dread, lost, red dragon
As a nation, resents its, socialist quest!

Has Xi, at last, lost, his gambles
He had played, with herds, of, cold cowards
And left, their ethos, in shambles
In A Battle, Beyond, Vain Words!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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