A Poem Sold For Not A Dime

“A graffiti, on, an, asylum wall”
Their only, flattery, of my flair
“A lizard, learning, how to crawl”
Was the doctrine, of, the doctrinaire!

“An expression, sans, a dimension”
I bore it, for, beyond an age
And cherished, it, to oblivion
Thru, my pilgrimage, of their outrage!

“What, do you say, for this, shrewd word-play!”
“Art, has to aim, beyond banal”
Dare, poetry be, stray thoughts, astray
Ain’t literature, a, tethered animal!

Lo and behold, face, of disgrace
My faith, became, my fear’s, paradigm
My ethos, lost, in world’s, rat-race
A Poem, Sold For, Not A Dime!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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