The Silence Of The Nightingale

Still zephyr, whispers, in the wild
Rustic rustles, of the, rusting fall
Unheard is, lost, lullaby, of a child
Entangled, in its, lasting recall!

Who sat, atop, the tallest perch
To purr, pain of, most, poignant vein
Is scattered, all o’er, my search
Thru the wilderness, to, ever remain!

Who’d bled, her heart, against love’s thorn
Was, more than, destiny, her creed
Now a, patch, forlorn, sans, a soul, lovelorn
Looks like, the whole, universe, emptied!

What matters, most, is, what is lost
Or its, lasting legacy’s, Holy Grail
An immortal, splendor, pays, its cost
In, The Silence, Of The, Nightingale!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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