I Won’t Attend Your Funeral John

You laugh, away, your obituary
The last satire, written, by me
Since, you broke, my faith’s, rosary
To live, to death, our strange rivalry!

“I won’t, see you, in, your coffin!”
Had, quite innocently, two meanings
The bad one, was, as good, as a sin
The good one, was, a spring, in fall, that stings!

Two nemeses, and, two narcissists
Who reared, the very same, mourning doves
Turned out, to be, death’s alchemists
Declaring “Let’s see, whom, life loves!”

It had to, be me, on the bier
Life’s lost chess game’s discarded pawn
Whose faith has won o’er whose fear
I Won’t Attend Your Funeral John!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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