The Enigma Of Aloha

It echoes, élan, of ethos
The beauty, of, immortal dream
Solace, lost in, throes, of chaos
Bliss, strewn o’er, this isle’s, across
Is the quest, its, love’s, labors, redeem!

A string, that ties up, everything
A verse, that binds, the universe
A fall, no less than, spring’s blessing
A word, very terse, world, yet deciphers!

Whose warm hug, on, lone wintry night
Still blooms, the wasteland, of my heart
Which, softest whisper, of twilight
Revives, the sweet sin, of Mozart!

A Life, Of, Happiness, Amen!
Short secret, of, joie de vivre
In, Hawaiian, passion, unshaken
Is, The Enigma, Of, Aloha!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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