When Men Kill Men

Behind, the myth of, brave martyrs
Beyond fortitude, whose faith, is fear
No passion, politics, manufactures
But hate, glorified by, murders, austere
And crosses, of pain, lone tombstones, bear!

Friends of, yesteryears, are, foes of today
Their dialogues, are, now, inked in gore
Since, clans follow, what the, brinkmen say
They send, their sons, to die, in war!

Death is, more than, serious business
In the, killing fields, where, vultures feast
On, heaps of, wasted, life’s largesse
Where, every man, turns into, a beast!

With more, the men slain, better, the bargain
For the, peace truce, written with, poison-pen
What, lingers on, is a, profound pain
With deep disdain, When, Men, Kill Men!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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