Searching Spoons Of Sugar In Tea

I stray, in them, or they, in me
Vagrant, pilgrims, of, my thoughts
Entangled, in my, faith’s rosary
Litany, of my, farm’s, forget-me-nots!

Every ounce, of my blood, is entropy
Each breath, an unquenched, inferno
Every heartbeat, quest, of a misery
Estrangement, only, truth, I know!

My dialogue, is, a monologue
To a world, run by, and, for a herd
A clock, whose, every, worn-out cog
Squeaks, no more, to be, ever heard!

I’m, a sum of, all my, vagaries
Who seeks, no end, to his, discovery
A little man, measures, life’s mysteries
Searching Spoons, Of Sugar, In Tea!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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