Amid Faith’s Fatwa And Fanatic Fear

Its two pages, he’d, hardly read
That, ‘masterpiece’, of blasphemy
Before, he went, all out, to shred
‘Evil’ Alchemist, and, his Alchemy!

“Rush-die, must die”, Imaam decreed
“To salvage, pride of, our belief!”
Who’d, not carry out, hate’s holy deed
When heaven, is at stake, beyond, faith’s fief!

A book, that shook, Islamic world
Was, no sin, until, found Imaam
He did not, read its, single word
Still, concluded, it stained Islam!

Once believer, now, an atheist
A Shakespeare, condemned, ‘mutineer’
Caught, all alone, in hate’s heist
Amid, Faith’s Fatwa, And, Fanatic Fear!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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