Why Snickers Tastes So Bitter Today !!!

No more, is Snickers, my sweetheart
For, it forgot, true, joie de vivre
Is, the art, of Mozart, not Bonaparte
How dare, it succumbed, to fear’s, coup d’état!

Why, it betrayed, faith, for, few dollar$
Not worth, more than, freedom’s ethos
Beyond, power-politics, and, sweet commerce
Is the, bitter pathos, of a, nation’s loss!

Has dragon, poisoned, your creed, too
As it, stupored UN, for an age
“How come, my little isle, your issue!”
Doesn’t it, cause Snickers, any, damn outrage!

Snickers, bared, at last, its, saccharine charade
Stark emptiness, of its, dark decay
Now we know, very well, sans its, sweet façade
Why Snickers, Tastes, So Bitter, Today !!!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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