A Year, Of Faith, Or, An Age, Of Fear

A graffiti, shouts, from, Kabul street
“Welcome to, Taliban’s, inertia’s fief!”
In, the dystopia, of, dread and deceit
A utopia, lost, to a, baneful belief!

A shenanigan, run by, smoking gun
More than, a ghetto, less than, a regime
In faith, fear found, new dimension
When, a nightmare, became, every Afghan, dream!

No more exist, in, “The Land, Of Faith”
Women, subsist, in, shadows, of men
Afghanistan, is an, estranged wraith
Looking for, its, lost ethos, since when!

Faith’s orchard, is now, fear’s graveyard
Satan, is, new God, God, a dead souvenir
What, Taliban revels, in this, scarred boulevard
A Year, Of Faith, Or, An Age, Of Fear!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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