When Will You Buy My Last Lullaby !!!

That fall, was a blessing, of the spring
This fall, is all, but a, lasting lie
For my heart, has, forgotten, to sing
Just throbs, with a sigh, “I want … to die”!

Mamma stares, at me, with an, angst, and awe
“How you know, your, each breath, begs for death?”
“From your, every tear, at my guffaw
“That bleeds, out, omen, of Macbeth”

Why law, is blind, deaf, dumb, and dead
With its, flawed definition, of existence
Why life be guillotined shred by shred
In the name, of pretense, called, jurisprudence!

Why my dreams, should squirm, on a, hospital bed
They are, stray kites, let them, fly, and fly …
How long will my last supper long for bread
When Will, You Buy, My Last Lullaby !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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