Thru The Pilgrimage Of My Thoughts

Both king, and kingdom, lost today
In this, world-worn heart, every beat, lay spent
Life is, no more, than a, mean melee
Death is, no less, than a sacrament!

Truths, turned out, to be, mere conjectures
All sum of, a vain mind’s, obsessions
Done with, God’s, faith’s, fear’s, indentures
I’m, born again, with, no convictions!

Why wanders,  wasteland, bale of hay
O’er, myriad miles, of nothingness
What a pilgrim, is, who lost, his way
Searching himself, ever more, than less!

All moments, melt to, fond adieus 
Like a, longing fall’s, forget-me-nots
I am, the funeral, of my muse
Thru The, Pilgrimage, Of, My Thoughts!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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