History Is A Playbook Of Brinkmen

It was, no, Uncle Sam, this time
But, agony-aunt, with, no agenda
But to, plant a, pious paradigm
In the farm, of, political propaganda!

Pelosi, is she, an Iron-Lady
Like Tsai who shamed dragon with dare
Beyond what, this, blind world, can see
She is, US fear, to the bone, laid bare!

After 25 years, has an isle, redeemed
A freedom, lost, an eon ago
Of a, political prisoner, that US scheemed
To tame, dragon’s fury, with an inferno!

What’s the enigma, of this, arrival
Of, vain vengeance, in an, isle shaken
Not a, crystal ball, of an oracle
History, Is A Playbook, Of Brinkmen!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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