Whatever Happened To That “Jamal” … !!!

Why scrape, his ash, who is, long gone
No more, who smolders, sighs, whispers
Once, a vain martyr, now, a political pawn
In, power-play, too, piety matters!

Who lived, for truth, his death, was a lie
For, he never knew, truth’s, mortal cost
The ‘renegade’, who, dared to defy
Had, his being, belief, and his, funeral lost!

Where a man, is trivial, to his regime
And, a dynasty’s dread, land’s destiny
There, democracy, is a, distant dream
In, faith’s facade, flourishes, fear’s hegemony!

It ain’t, for faith, but a fear, most ‘crude’
Biden, bid adieu, to his, spent morale
For the, love of economics, he eschewed
Whatever, Happened, To That “Jamal” … !!!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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