Between Bread And Poetry

Hearth, smolders on, coals of hunger
Heart, bleeds o’er, half-written verse
A belly’s, belief, belies, soul’s spur
Why I, live, each day, intellectual curse!

The grain, I bake, the grail, I chase
Nurture, my endless, pilgrimage
In faith’s facade, I find, fear’s face
My unborn glory, learns, to age!

I wish, I were, a platitude
But, ain’t I so, one, in their herds
Who ‘construed’, what I, ‘misconstrued’
Intellect, ain’t worth, beyond, empty words!

Life’s economics, remind me, my kin
Amidst, thoughts’, undone discovery
I choose, sacrament of, social sin
Between, Bread, And Poetry!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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