Let Life Happen For No Reason

Every day, time’s, unsolved equation
Is a soul, tangled in, resentment
Lost in, labors of, salvation
Ain’t life, no more, than a, sacrament!

An endless, angst, to reach somewhere
For, a destiny, with, no destination
Decreed, by faith, to live, in fear
We ration, our, ratiocination!

Why, we reconcile, profits, with cost
Worn age, with a question, of outrage
“How long, will it last, before it’s lost
Pious, pilgrim’s, painful, pilgrimage!”

Why search, happening, in happenstance
Keep kite, waiting for, spring season!
Whyn’t, wild zephyr, stir, stray soul’s romance
Let Life, Happen, For No Reason!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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