You’ll Find Me Scattered Everywhere …

With my, every shred, sentenced to yearn
For a, pilgrimage of, nothingness
To the same, empty urn, shall I return
Or kiss, the dust, of timelessness!

Did fear, break, my faith’s, rosary
To dispersed, seeds of, inertia
Beyond, life’s, mortal misery
Lay spread, nirvana’s, fiesta!

From a, cradle’s care, to a, lone tombstone
A distance, worth, myriad moments
I owe, to them, what all, I own
Lost legacy, of, strewn sacraments!

From the, bonds of life, at last, I am free
No cross, of faith, or fear, I bear
Every atom, echoes, my rhapsody
You’ll Find Me, Scattered, Everywhere … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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