Who Robbed The Rainbow Of Their Skies

Why fear, reigns over, fief of faith
Why, prejudice blackens, love’s, seven shades
“A man-loving, man, is an, evil wraith”
Thus decree, those who, flaunt moral charades!

“Wipe out, these, seven shades, of sin
Their prejudice, can’t be, their pride!”
This resentment, gainsays, our origin
We were one, before we, learned to divide!

Banished to, dark dungeons, of shame
Tried, and crucified, in, moral bazaars
Sinners, criminals, heretics, they became
Who chose, to love, beyond the, skin of farce!

Keepers of faith, why fear, love’s creed
With a truth, beyond, mean, moral lies
In a society, that has, atrophied
Who Robbed, The Rainbow, Of Their Skies!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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