We’ll Be Our Surrogates Very Soon

Mere Myths, in the, Real Truth, of, Virtual World
Meagre Minions, of our, e-Avatar
Between, two realms, where, life seems blurred
Our e-xistence, is an, e-War!

We ain’t, e-mperors, of metaverse
But shadows, of, e-Realism
e-xpressions, of, whose metaphors
Are e-nigmas, which, we become!

Ain’t we, no more than, e-façades
Run by, AI, ML, Blockchain, …
Viewers, of our, e-mpty charades
e-Gods, who live, their Digital pain!

Lost in, dilemma, of existence
e-herd of, fear and, faith’s commune
With an intellect, no more, than pretense
We’ll Be, Our Surrogates, Very Soon!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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