On Heaven’s Chase To Déjà Vu

Yet, many more dreams, dashed, in despair
On the, shores of, (Not So), Great Britain
Who braved, the tides of, dread with dare
Will remain, forever, ‘pilgrims of pain’!

They ain’t, from Ukraine, or Hong Kong
But, ‘lesser strays’, from, ‘Rubbish, Rogue States’
Who long, all along, to someday, belong
To that, ‘Utopia’, beyond, dire straits!

What, was to be, ‘Tryst With Destiny’
Turned out, to be, a sick, political epic
With a, one-way ticket, and a, litany
Britain purged, its, ethnic epidemic!

“Ain’t Rwanda, best place, for this scum!”
Britain, has proved, its legacy, true
Strays, find new faith, in the fear, of new world
On, Heaven’s Chase, To, Déjà Vu!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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