Feed Hunger Not War

Starved ethos, of a, land betrayed
Yearns, for the poison, of that bread
Which peace, once reaped, now war, waylaid
Fear flaunts, to faith, shred by shred!

Who stole, from them, their, bread, of belief
Those, for whom, hunger is, mere statistics;
Those, who wage wars, for, figment, of a fief
Or, who fuel it, for, pride, power, politics, …!

“2 Million, will, survive, ‘somehow’
4 million, will we, only feed!”
Under, tombstone of, humanity’s vow
Dies in, decadence, morality’s seed!

How long, will Africa, beg like this
Flaunting, to world, past’s, pity’s scar
How deep, will west, drown world, in abyss
Of blood, baptized by, hate’s metaphor
Let’s bless, our bread, with a, benevolent kiss
Feed Hunger, Not War!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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