An A(I)RT Sans Soul

“Digital Renaissance”, is it, last frontier
Or, least paradigm, of the, human flair
“Relegate, chefs-d’oeuvre, to an, AI software”
Decrees, age of, our, inertial faith, and fear!

Ain’t we, perfect, how could, we be
Magnificence means, when, accuracy
Neither Michael Angelo, nor, Da Vinci
Had the poise, of, AI’s, binary beauty!

If art, is a, Digital Alchemy
What was it, which we, left behind
Beauty’s, approximate, wizardry
In this, modern age, we dare, not find
Amidst, perfectionists, all colorblind!

e-Diva, sings to, e-Mozart
Dead decibels, flowing, not from heart
But tombstone, of, Digital Console
Mean, Modernity’s Toll, An A(I)RT, Sans Soul!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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