Where Scattered Lay My Litany

Between, faith’s cipher, and, fear’s stupor
In awe, of God’s, inertial flaw
Where beginning’s, and end’s, sacraments blur
I resent, there, Divinity’s Law!

Why cynicism, spill, my weary veins
And odium, fills, my nihilist nerve
After riots, are spent, only sin remains
Staring, at my soul, bereft, of verve!

The hands, that rose, in entreaty
Refuse now, rites, of servitude
In my pilgrimage, of, piety to pity
I’ve found, my God, in my fortitude!

Do I despair, my, conviction lost
In my, mind’s, heart’s, soul’s mutiny
There, stands shrine, of, my redemption
Where Scattered, Lay, My Litany!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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