Wh€n €’$ Lo$t It$ $ War

May the, Old-Joe be, as much senile
As a, lunatic of, Bloomingdale
He still plays, ‘evil’, as a, benign ‘vile’
For American pride, to prevail, and prevail … !

If you thought, it’s all, about Putin
Biden-sponsored, Ukraine’s, bloodbath
Fathom, deep down, into, Biden’s sin
€urope, is its, longed-for, aftermath!

“First seize, her crude, then steal, her bread
Make €uros, pay for, her existence
Let €urope, diminish, shred by shred”
For the sake, of, Dollar’$ Dominance!

Thi$ gam€, of, political €conomic$
Will not, €nd with, f€$t of furor
U$, will c€a$€, it$ m€an, antic$
Wh€n €’$, Lo$t, It$ $ War!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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