The Only Man I Ever Loved

Who baptized me, with faith, not fear
Unlike her, of my, very own creed
Who bestowed me, fortitude, to bear
He lives, in me, love’s lasting seed!

His, solemn smile, his, austere care
I played like a zephyr in his heart
What’s a, Spartan Storm, in a, love affair
Bonaparte, bleeding rainbow, of Mozart!

Who wiped, my tears, my first menses
And, taught me, laws of, womanhood
I found him, beyond, world’s pretenses
True Lover, whom I, understood!

I bled, my heart, for, many mean men
To learn, love’s cupid, ain’t, lust-gloved
May, his passion, last, in me, Amen
The, Only Man, I, Ever Loved!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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