The Empress Of Her Delusions

Do fete, celebrate, a lingering tomb
Of, the lasting legacy, of world’s pain
As she, flaunts her, colonial aplomb
A reign, that tore, our ethnic vein!

An heir, to that, White Eclipse
Which scarred, the faith, of world, with fear
When, Queen decreed, from her, poison-lips
A misery, of, many a year!

To world, (not so) Great Britain, lied in past
It will. lie to itself, in coming times
How could, that, gory glory, last
Whose ethos, was its, ethnic crimes!

Why races, forgive, history’s lies
Forget, their, ethnic exclusions
She’ll be, a myth, until, she dies
The Empress, Of Her, Delusions!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra!

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