Those 16 Years Of Jupiter

The mystic vowed, “You shall, be king”
Staring, at my, crumbling, birth chart
With half, a belief, worth, disagreeing
I left, for hearth, with a, heavy heart!

I strayed, thru sky, searching, for Guru
Now the, master of, my destiny
And wondered, how, it will, undo
Myriad of, my, failed litany!

Life, lingered on, with, black and, bright shades
Did Guru, fix, fate’s equations
Faith’s pilgrimage, of, many decades!
Seemed to, end in, fear’s manifestations!

I nodded, to, all that, he said
Of Shani’s, saturnine, satire
With, Godly truths, of a, myth, Man-made
Those, 16 Years, Of Jupiter

© 2022 Vikas Chandra!

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