Free Me From Me

Who dethroned, God, from my, soul’s sanctum
With a, profound fear, bereft of faith
And the, ritual of, every ism
Cherishes, every sin, this holy wraith!

Prison ain’t, out there, but deep within
I’m, alas, what, every opinion thinks
I sleep, each day, in life’s coffin
With whose, ethos, that stinks, and stinks!

In the heart, of a, flickering firefly
Lasts fury, of an, endless age
All revolutions, end, in a sigh
Soul is, the universe, of outrage!

The enigma, why was, born I
Flesh, bones, and blood’s, spent chemistry
Lest, Alchemists’, alchemy die
Free, Me, From, Me!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra!

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