Memoirs Of A Mad Man

When cipher, feels, an eon old
Infinite, seems, that memory lane
I strayed, upon, with fear’s, blindfold
“Why, an inane world, calls me, insane”!

In the myth, of society, was born
A ‘renegade’, of his, resentment
On, ethnic inertia, a thorn, of scorn
Whose sin, was his, only sacrament!

Not a woman, would love, just a whore, would care
For a lunatic, on a, lunar night
Where days dissolved, in his, thoughts’ despair
For, beleaguered bard, all alone, in his fight!

Wild kite, thru storms, till my end, I strayed
Miles away, from the herds, of that caravan
Who’ll learn, truth is, life’s, darkest shade
From, Memoirs, Of A, Mad Man !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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