We Pull The Triggers Of Our Guns

There’s a, 1.2 Gun, Per Human
In this, mega(li/my)th of, democracy
Every barrel, spits, shenanigan
Of, politico-ethnic, lunacy!

Once seminaries, are now, cemeteries
Where baptized, his hatred, with gore
A racist, gamer, or a, drugger, next door
Who kindled, mayhem, of furies!

We too, have bought, a gun today
To fight, our fear, of neighbors’ arms
We too, at last, joined, this melee
Where, with wile, fear fosters, faith’s farms!

What became, of, our American Dream
A nightmare, of, demonic dimensions
From whom, ourselves, do, we redeem
When, We Pull, The Triggers, Of Our Guns!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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