How I Long To Be A Pebble By The Sea

Baptized, by, blessed oblivion
Smoothened by, tides of, destiny
Yet, with exceptional, dimension
I’m the, rosary bead, of my litany!

Wakened by, whispers, of mermaids
Night’s stupor, breaks, by morning sun
Thru the enigma, of, day’s many shades
Wearing me, down, with my delusion!

Once, I was boulder, of the moor
Now, at shore, an ebbing, vanity
Never end, the labors, of l’amour
With the, beauty, of humility
You need, to fall, from grace, sometimes
To fathom, faith, with, fear’s paradigms!
I hear, with pain, that distant rain
The calling, to be, born, yet again!

Nirvana, ain’t, end of, existence
But life’s, eternal, rhapsody
Many miles, away from, death’s pretense
How I Long, To Be, A Pebble, By The Sea!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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