On A Misty Night When A Comet Bleeds

A pilgrim, of, solar furor
From the, dreariest depths, of, universe
Yens, for tryst, at, final frontier
With the, starkest fest, and darkest curse!

An age, of, timeles oblivion
Will blaze, to end, in a, mystic maze
To kiss, the faith, and fear, of sun
In a, festival of, dazzling displays!

Lo and behold! See the, heavens burst
To fill, with awe, our empty eyes
Immortal dust, of, wanderlust
Death, who defies, for dreams, never dies!

Neither spring, nor monsoon, nor rainbow
Who sows, in, dark night’s soul, hope’s seeds
Faith’s fury, baptizes, love’s vow
On A, Misty Night, When A, Comet Bleeds!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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