A Juggernaut Thinks Beyond Our Thought

Tie them, to, timeless equation
To untie, truth, beyond profound
All strands, to a, rational relation
In the, chaos of, cosmic playground!

We’d found, its mind, and heart, not soul
From, that cipher, to, this infinity
Is it throbbing, in a, stray blackhole
The dark truth, of our, divinity!

How quantum, sums, our realism
To the, dimensions, of gravity
Where, break down, laws of, every ism
Relativity, defines, our reality!

Lest cosmos, have a, mind, of its own
Do we live, in a realm, that time forgot
On a, lost tombstone, chasing unknown
A Juggernaut, Thinks, Beyond, Our Thought!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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