A Thinker’s Toxic Holy Grail

For the, sublime sin, of satire
Who dares, not spare, his solemn soul
Firefly, ought to, flirt, with fire
With a, heart’s haul, of, sardonic toll!

The starker shade, of myth, is truth
Yet darker, is that, fact, beyond
Like the venom, hiding, in snake’s tooth
Is the, profound truth, to be, ever found!

For him, no Faith, no Fear, no God
Who lives, beyond, world’s, paradox
Who’s outlawed, in a, structure flawed
Who sells clocks, to, time-weary flocks!

His metaphor, is, abyss of gore
In a chalice, of pain, and travail
Bull’s, mortal kiss, to his matador
A Thinker’s, Toxic, Holy Grail

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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