The Cost Of Creativity

Deny, defy, dare, disagree
The dog-mas, blaring, in your mind
Until, estrangement, redeems thee
From the, sacraments of, realm of blind!

Where truth, is, yet, another myth
In the, ‘Utopia’, of banality
I am, my, dystopic, megalith
‘Irrational’ threat, to, ‘rationality’!

Why should, should not, this world believe
In the, labors, of a, lunatic
Unaware, their, castaways, conceive
Breakthroughs, beyond, the enigmatic!

Who kissed, coffin, of oblivion, why world, seeks him
In time’s dust, who left, seeds of beauty
With, sin’s sacrament, paid, pain’s pilgrim
The Cost, Of, Creativity!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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