“Naughty Women Should Stay Home”

A feminist’s, faith-and-fear’s, diatribe
Is, all but, a sin, for this, ‘holy’ man
A Messiah, from the, Satanic Tribe
Who, decree dogmas, with a, ‘pious’ plan!

What Taliban, promised, to ‘lesser kind’
Turned out, to be, dark cul-de-sac
Where fear, is the, only belief, of the blind
And faith, men’s, aphrodisiac!

“Women are, stark-naked, without their veils
Sacred shroud, that safeguards. morality”
In coffins, sealed by, Taliban’s nails
Newfound ‘freedom,’ seeks, mortality!

“Virtuous women, are, who we need
Not those, with, feministic, (sin)drome
Who dare, to defy, our righteous creed
Those, Naughty Women, Should, Stay Home”!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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