The Yellow Brick Road To Atlantis

Our myths, are the truths, that we invent
And truths, myths, our faith, represents
Both, last beyond, our quests, are spent
In the, conquests, of our, sacraments!

What slept, deep down, in a, tranquil tomb
A trail, to somewhere, and nowhere
When, we devoured, a mermaid’s womb
We found, an enigma, laid, more than bare!

At the crossroad, where that, city lay lost
Paradox, of past, presents, paranoia
A legacy lives, albeit, at a cost
Inertia, of a, Utopia!

That quest, conquest, shall never end
Until, we redeem it, from, time’s abyss
To reach, where, our two, worlds transcend
The mirage, to our, last oasis
The Yellow, Brick Road, To Atlantis!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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