When Words Are No More Left With Me

In this pilgrimage, beyond, an age
Which fury, still, remains unspent
In this, lasting ode, to, life’s outrage
Every verse, is a, silent sacrament!

No more, resents, an unknown, bard
A nameless, epitaph, of his, tomb
His estrangement, to, faith’s boulevard
With fear, and sin, only aplomb!

Those fests, of springs, are funerals, of falls
Every monsoon, bleeds, my yens’, requiem
Few graffiti, fading, on streets’ walls
Whisper, at nights, my soulful screams!

To leave, without, a legacy
Is the making, of, my destiny
I shall sink, in my, silent sea
When Words, Are No More, Left With Me!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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