Enigma Of Our Economics

Are we, the value, which we pay
As, binary bits, with virtual worth
Amidst, today’s, monetary melee
We fathom, a Digital, Orphan’s birth!

That flagship, sinks, which led, our way
To the, Promised Land, of Metaverse
Now fear, is, faith of, that foray
Which changed, for worse, our universe!

Digital wallet, with a, private key
Holds, the paradox, of, our epitome
Our ethos, lured by, a crypto, currency
Estranged, to the ethics, of, our economy!

How a phantom, flirts with, everyone’s dreams
With paradise, and then, polemics
It’s, our nightmare, that, it redeems
Enigma, Of Our, Economics !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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