We Laugh Away Those Letters Of Love

How long, will last, legacy of trysts
No more, in heart, but prudent mind
Between two, unwed, Alchemists
Only estrangement, is left, we find!

When springs, lasted, longer than fall
First menses, smelt, like petrichor
Deflowered dreams, didn’t pain, at all
Nor the, seminal sins, of, l’amour!

What mattered, then, matters, no more
In weary veins, no hormone, spurs
Faith, fear, and fantasy’s, furore
In the, herd of truths, that myth, too blurs!

It feels, like a, fleeting figment, of time
Yen’s, lasting thorn, in the heart, of a dove
When knocks, heart’s door, that sin sublime
We Laugh Away, Those Letters, Of Love!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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