When Black Blood Pays The White Skin’s Price

White guns, with, vile shenanig(u)ns
Dare, with fear, faith of, this quicksand
Where hate, weaves, dread’s new dimensions
Tearing, to shreds, hope’s, every strand!

40 guns, for, every, 33 souls
Sums, this dystopia’s, equation
Life pays, each day, death’s, fiery tolls
In this, Racist Republic, reigned by Satan!

“Fear, poises faith, faith, poises fear”
Is the, meanest myth, that sells, no more
The toy, that fascists, racists, bear
Is the, lethal legacy, of its, White g(l)ory(’s), yore!

That legacy, lasts in, White Masters’, pride
For whom, democracy, is a, Black compromise
Deepens, chasm of, ethnic divide
When, Black Blood, Pays, The White Skin’s, Price!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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