Black Guinea Pigs Of White Alchemy

With a, lesser existence, under, White man’s, lens
Lost races, squirmed, bared to, their bones
In the prison, of, Black fear, and, White pretense
They were, diminished, to, history’s tombstones!

For a, newfound species, with, meagre means
Bereft of, faith, history, heritage, …
White man decreed, “With their, low-grade genes
They’re pilgrims, without, a pilgrimage!”

How come, White man, stole, Black man’s, ruins
To pimp, in bazaars, of, plundered pasts
In the, battle of skins, only, fairer one, wins
History’s, hideous, hypocrisy, ever lasts!

Is evolution, only, to blame, for this, inequity
Prejudiced, intellect, basks, in, infamy
With a, pittance, to present, of, empty pity
For, Black Guinea Pigs, Of, White Alchemy!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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