… Thru Einstein’s Eye

Where, time began, when, space will end
From cradle, to, grave of, existence
When gravity, makes, the two realms, bend
Dissolve, the rituals, of distance!

Space-rosary, stringed with, seeds of time
In the hands, of, almighty, gravity
Resounds, the psalm of, a creed sublime
In a tryst, of cipher, and infinity!

In the, womb of dark, lurk, which mystiques
Where linger, hidden cradles, of black holes
With a newfound, view, our pursuit seeks
Redemption, for our, wandering souls!

What matters, ain’t just, what, we see
Nor, the myths, we love, to glorify
But, the truth, of an, endless discovery
We wonder at, Thru, Einstein’s Eye!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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