Warm Bread Of Love These Souls Too Need

They too, dare to dream, at the gates, of your fief
Sans, alas, White Skin, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, …
Europe, is a Hope, beyond, their, blind belief
With a, fistful, of faith, and a, heartful, of fear!

“Make way, for the Whites!” the sentries blare
“Only Brethren, are, welcome to, our hearths
Not you, unknown strays, not worth, our care
Who dare, to be US, despite, despicable births!”

A clan, colder than, its winter
Basks, in its, ethnic, indifference
Whilst, a caravan, learns, to decipher
Rude, racial rules, of, existence!

Dreams of, fertile, future, for some
For others, a prejudice, parodied
For the, triumph of, humanism
Warm Bread, Of Love, These Souls, Too Need!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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