Between My God And Me

That shroud, I wore, of sacrament
My Maker, measured, to perfection
Is all, but, a rag, of estrangement
As I stand, in trial, for my redemption!

More than, my faith, you were, my fear
My mother, taught, to never, doubt
You owned, my feats, I, my failure
Such was, my servitude, devout!

I lost, it all, except, that quest
To find, the truth, or myth, I am
Lost in, the faith, and fear’s, conquest
I daresay, who’s real, who’s sham!

At last, in the throes, of, final tryst
My death, defies, my birth’s, decree
Fear is, no more, Faith’s Alcehmist
Between, My God, And Me !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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