In Search Of A Lost Soul

Stabbing thru, heart of, wasteland
O’er scorching trail, with a, smoldering streak
In the, endless yen, of, timeless sand
Lost pilgrim, knows not, what to seek!

Although, grey is, Mauritanian gold
Like the, fate of this, ageless widow
For a dollar, a ton, to Chinese, sold
To fuel, spent dream, of a, lost Pharaoh!

A longing, longer than, a mile
From nihility, to infinity, of sea
Where mermaids, gaze in, blissful guile
Ships, loading with, poor man’s, bounty!

This pilgrimage, of faith, will, never end
Beyond, bread baked, o’er blistering coal
It, trudges to, where worlds, transcend
In Search, Of A, Lost Soul!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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