Fascist Feminism Spares No One

What’s with, this species, of humans
In the, throes of, chromosomal conflict
When a gender, plays, shenanigans
On, another one, condemned, “convict”!

Who nurtured, this, prejudice of sex
To bigotry, to square, past’s ‘sin’
Present, frittered away, o’er, blind, blank cheques
For the, weaker sex, to finally win!

In the , mad rush, to, #METOO, rat-race
Which ‘sexism, entitles, them all
To critique, mankind, to disgrace
With a, vain graffiti, on every wall!

Political Correctness, now, starts with “F”
With “Womankind”, ends, every opinion
To every rationale, this lunacy, is deaf
Fascist Feminism, Spares, No One!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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