In The Wounded Womb Of Aging Earth

Baptized by, enigma, of, my essence
Why my, haunting cradle, intrigues me
Life’s estrangement, with its, existence
Here iron, bleeds, its irony!

Whose heartbeat, echoes, every stone
4 Billion Years, of, lazing time
Its scar, smells of, laid, bare to bone
Evolution’s, piteous, paradigm!

From where, Mars broke, free from us
To be, no more, than a, distant dot
How it found, sans life, its soul’s solace
Outrages, substance, of my thought!

How old, am I, I know, it now
At PILBARA, I found, my birth
Evolution’s lost, yet, lasting vow
In The, Wounded Womb, Of Aging Earth!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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