When NATO Knocks Your Neighbor’s Door

Which love, was lost, o’er brothers’ vows
Who live, across, barbed barriers, now
Byhearting, “No First Assault”, clause
With a, war-to-be, their, ‘sacred cow’!

Was, losing Crimea, a lesser insult
Not, far away, is the, greatest one
Vain Volodymyr, wants the, NATO cult
Cut to size, Vladimir’s, dimension!

Between, Russian truth, and, Soviet myth
Ukraine, is a pawn, of, East and West
Who, still baptize, Cold War’s, megalith
With the, bloodbath of, lasting conquest!

Is it paranoia, or, prejudice
Politics, plays, power-games, in gore
Your fear, is your, faith, and faith, malice
When NATO, Knocks Your, Neighbor’s Door!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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